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Christopher Ulutupu’s ‘NEW KID IN TOWN’ at Cement Fondu

Visual artist Christopher Ulutupu sits down with Jen from Movies Movies Movies to talk about their cheeky new video art project NEW KID IN TOWN.

Slowthai’s journey of self-discovery on Mornings with Maia Bilyk

From Britain’s most scathing critic, to conqueror of his own inner demons, Thai gets candid with resident fangirl Maia Bilyk.

Tracks 2020 #3: Backing yourself

Re-watch the third Tracks session for 2020 and get equipped with all the knowledge you need to back yourself in your music career.

Tracks 2020 #2: Navigating the music industry

Re-watch the second Tracks session for 2020 for all the hot tips on navigating the minefield of the music industry.

Tracks 2020 #1: Get Your Music Heard

Re-watch the first Tracks session for 2020 and get all the sage advice on how to get your music in front of the right set of ears.

Inside Jokes: An Audio Comedy Mentorship Program

Introducing Inside Jokes – FBi Radio’s bespoke audio comedy mentorship program set to incubate the next gen of radio comedy superstars!

FBi SMAC Awards 2020: DOBBY on ‘I Can’t Breathe (feat. Barkaa)’

SMAC winner DOBBY reflects on the process of creating one of the most memorable & impactful videos of 2020.

Culture Guide: February 1 – February 7

Join the Dots, Simon Blau, The Future is Humanity & more! Culture guide on-air every weekday at 4:30pm.

FBi SMAC Awards 2020: Ziggy Ramo on ‘Black Thoughts’

Ambitious, multifaceted and full of pride, your 2020 Record of the Year ‘Black Thoughts’ is a must-listen.

FBi SMAC Awards 2020: Ziggy Ramo performs ‘April 25th’

The 2020 Song of the Year uncompromisingly demands attention, respect and ultimately, understanding.