All I Want For Christmas Is Some Sydney Music, with Ryan Saar (The Bridge)

December 10th 2014

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There are three main events in the ‘Strayan summer calendar: Schoolies/Toolies, ‘Straya Day, and Christmas. Although all commonly linked through bad decisions and copious drinking, Christmas is the only one which involves giving presents to your loved ones (unless you want to make some terrible joke about schoolies).

But there’s always the almighty question of what to get – do you splash out for something sentimental and meaningful? … HA! Good one!

No, music is the best way to show you care this holiday season, primarily because it’s way easier to communicate your feelings through someone else’s infinitely superior poetry/power chords/sultry synths than you could ever express on your own.

So, go for the standard pop fare, right? $20 for whatever is No.1 on the charts seems like the most logical choice – if everyone else loves it, why shouldn’t your dearly beloved, whom you are meant to know better than anyone else?

Well, basically, the stuff that scales those charts with the grace of a hackneyed virus is borderline unlistenable. (If you’re an FBi supporter, you don’t need us to tell you that.)

Also, your Mum is going to be pretty pissed if you buy her Michael Buble’s Christmas album for the fifth year in a row. It may be a best-seller, but that’s just because people can’t be bothered to seek out the seething and vibrant underbelly that is offered up in Sydney’s music scene.

Being the Tuesday presenter of The Bridge, FBi’s hour long show dedicated to homegrown talent, I’ve always been a lover of the stuff that thrives in our city and its surrounds. “Diversity” doesn’t even begin to come close to describing the way our beautiful city embraces and breeds a multi-tiered beast of musical endowment. From garage rock gods to folk angels, darkwave lords and bedroom-producers, our city proves itself to be more than just a town with a big bridge.

There’s something so colourful, imaginative and unique about the way that Sydney musos present themselves and their music to us, that places them at the forefront of Australian music.

What’s more, it’s exhilarating to know that instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars to see them in a concrete jungle, you can see your new favourite artist just down the road for the price of two beers at The Lansdowne or Civic Underground.

So this Christmas, whilst you’re dashing around for something to satisfy the tastes of that distant family relative you met once, or that cute vixen at Tokyo Sing Song, or something to thank Mum and Dad for allowing for your existence – don’t gloss over the local section. Our musicians, of any genre, are too good for that.

Put down that Mariah Carey record and pick up the new album from Collarbones!

Tear your eyes away from Ed Sheeran, and gaze upon Weak Boys.

Screw Drake! Throw down your hard earned cash on Black Vanilla, a trio with three times the emotional potency that DeGrassi High alumni could ever muster.

Looking for something classic, but feisty? Straight Arrows’ debut ‘It’s Happening’, complimented thoroughly by Palms’ ‘Step Brothers’!

How about some sighing pop to replace those boring-ass carols – you can’t go past Rainbow Chan’s ‘Long Vacation EP’.

And if you’re planning on “running into that special someone” under the mistletoe, a lil’ Seekae has never been amiss.

Or if you’ve had a bit too much egg-nog, some classic SPOD is your perfect dance remedy, followed swiftly Shining Bird in the morning to ease that crushing hangover.

Basically, this Christmas I’m urging you to go and support the amazing music scene we have in this city. Whatever your allegiance, there’ll be a genius in Sydney that’s perfect for you. Get out there Scrooge, push your hard-earned cash into your favourite starving artist’s hand, and enjoy the fruits of Sydney’s music scene.



Ryan’s Sydney Stocking Stuffers of 2014:

Step-Panther – Strange, But Nice

Collarbones – Return

Bachelor Pad – Dooming Out

Donny Benet – Weekend At Donny’s

Hockey Dad – Dreamin’ EP

Weak Boys – Weekdays/Weekends

Bearhug – So Gone

Ernest Ellis – Cold Desire

King Single – Not Needed EP

Bloods – Work It Out

TV Programmes – Combuster EP

Straight Arrows – Rising

Fishing – Shy Glow

Shrapnel – Tobacco Dreams

Tim Fitz – Goodhearts EP



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