Backchat’s (Responsible) Election Day Drinking Game

July 1st 2016

Election Drinking Game 2016

In the grand tradition of Australian political reporting, FBi’s politics and current affairs show Backchat has come up with an election day drinking game to keep you entertained as the results roll in on Saturday night.

Being a community radio station means we have to be a bit responsible sometimes, and play by a few rules (The Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice, to be precise). We support lots of great local music, we give language warnings when there are bad words in a song, and we never “present as desirable the misuse of alcohol”.

So with these rules in mind, we hereby present… Backchat’s Responsible Drinking Game for Election Day 2016!


You may take a shot of your chosen liquid:

– Every time you hear the words “swing”, “towards” and “Palmer United Party” in the same sentence

– Every time a Hollywood A-lister says the word “Barnaby”

– Every time a Coalition MP does not mention “jobs and growth”

– Every time the Greens win a lower house seat

– Every time Tanya Plibersek’s new pet rat makes a live appearance

– Every time Rob Oakeshott accurately assesses his own importance

– Every time you find a discarded Liberal How To Vote card on the streets of Grayndler without a meticulously drawn penis and testicles on it

– Every time a Bill Shorten zinger gets an actual lol from someone in your living room

– Every time Dio Wang refers to himself as “leader”

– Any time Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull post a face swap

– Every time you notice someone looking wistfully into the middle distance and fondly recalling the prime ministership of

a) Kevin Rudd (1 shot)

b) Tony Abbott (5 shots)

c) Alfred Deakin (12 drams of Rawleigh’s Bonafide Colic Compound)

– Finish the case if James Mathison gets up in Warringah


We hope this helps get you through. If not, then turn the radio on, the TV off, and enjoy an evening of election-free radio from Adi Toohey, Spin the Bottle, Switch and Midnight Valentine.


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