Nick Hollins

Feature: Dream Damage Records + Assassins 88 on Telepath

Dream Damage is an independent label from Canberra, home to a small group of musicians that have made up some of Australia’s best bands of the past five years: Assassins 88, Danger Beach and TV Colours. Telepath gives you a full rundown of why you need to know about them.

Listen :: Setec on Telepath

Setec is the project of Sydney musician and found-sound looping specialist Joshua Gibbs. Meet this fascinating young muso on Telepath with Nick Hollins, then catch him at FBi Social in September!

Listen :: Cassette Label Special on Telepath with Nick Hollins

Remember those little cassettes from the old world? They’re making a comeback. How? Why? Find out on Telepath on FBi Radio’s cassette label special…

Listen :: Power Moves live on Telepath

Sydney producer Power Moves has a badass name and makes badass percussive beats. He spent an hour on Telepath, spinning a playlist of rare & unreleased tunes and playing live – listen here, you’ll have a new favourite by the end!

Listen :: TV Colours, Blank Realm & Destiny 3000 live tracks on Telepath

Telepath’s Nick Hollins teamed up with Jordan Dorjee to record live performances from TV Colours, Destiny 3000 and Blank Realm. You can stream audio and video from those performances inside.