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April 11th 2014

TV Colours Cover Image

This is the third episode of Telepath to broadcast live recordings from recent events in Sydney. I think the live aspect of this show is really awesome and it will be happening more often. For this week I’m happy to present three of the most exciting bands in Australia: TV Colours, Destiny 3000 and Blank Realm. All were recorded by Jordan Dorjee.


The reputation of TV Colours has grown steadily from its origins as the solo project of Bobby Kill, one half of departed duo Assassins 88 with Lachlan Thomas from Danger Beach. These days they play in each other’s bands and reside on Dream Damage Records from Canberra. In June 2013, TV Colours released the Purple Skies, Toxic River album to much acclaim, delivering on the promise of cultish 7” releases with a record that took six years to make. It was named 3rd in the Mess and Noise Critics’ Poll, 6th in the Readers’ Poll and ‘Beverly’ rated the Number One track of 2013. This recording was made at Goodgod Small Club on December 28, 2013.

Destiny 3000 are a five-piece band of girls from Sydney who have captured the attention of many in the local scene. They are yet to release any proper recordings beyond demos made in the rehearsal room on what sounds to be a single microphone, but a debut 7” is rumoured to be coming out with production by Lincoln Brown from Housewives. The band is unfortunately on hiatus for the moment as one member is overseas. They play rock n’ roll and can be messy live as they’re so often playing entirely new material, but the shambolic start-and-stop always finds its way. They write really good songs. This recording was made at a warehouse show in the Sydenham area on December 28, 2013.

Blank Realm are an amazing band from Brisbane that put out their fourth album Grassed Inn on Bedroom Suck in January. They are currently touring Europe. I did a retrospective on them for Telepath a few weeks ago to mark the occasion of their Sydney launch on February 28th. This performance was a revelation. It’s great to bring it to you now. At the time I wrote that “Their music is hypnotic and cathartic. Songs that spiral in repetitive cycles between psychedelic freak outs and an easing to relaxed dual vocals and ingenious guitar lines. There’s an innate strangeness that sets them apart from other guitar pop bands.” You can listen to that episode here


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