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June 24th 2014


Power Moves is a Sydney-based producer who began working under this moniker in 2013 with the release of the Psycho Shower Scene beat tape on Dream Damage Records.

His background in percussion, drumming and classical theory pervades a style that combines vocal samples with booming kick drums and bizarre chimes, hi hats and cymbals. It sounds to me like a hip-hop orientated version of early Four Tet, the gleeful result of choppy bedroom productions and a humorous deployment of taped phone conversations.

His music contains an obvious excitement and enthusiasm, constantly onto the next track like he can’t wait to put more stuff together. The live show features a recurring element of visual accompaniment, usually absurd infomercials starring desperate middle-aged Americans. To this moment, as far as I’m concerned, Power Moves can do no wrong.

I was glad to invite him onto Telepath as the first ever live performer, and in addition he put together a playlist of rare and unreleased tracks from some of his favourite local artists, including Guerre, Thomas William, Cassius Select, Gil Michel, Bad Ambulance, Collarbones and Making. This episode first aired on June 2nd, 2014.

  • Telepath :: Power Moves live (2 June 2014)


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