Isabel Phillips

A Middle Kids homecoming on Jack Off with Jack Shit

From Iceland Airwaves to their northern Sydney nest, Jack Shit journeys through the history of one of Sydney’s best musical exports.

Independent Artist of the Week: yergurl

More than just teen angst and love bites, its yergurl.

Independent Artist of the Week: Cult Shφtta

Enter the void and embrace the hallucination with Western Sydney’s Cult Shφtta

Independent Artist of the Week: Ex-Rental

Intense, frenetic and experimental – take a cerebral excursion into post-punk with Sydney’s Ex-Rental.

Independent Artist of the Week: Emma Russack

You gotta be real! You gotta be real! It’s Melbourne singer-songwriter Emma Russack’s manifesto for modern living.

Sam Simmons, fatherhood and the Radical Women of Latin American Art

The slightly absurd Sam Simmons yacks about his Yack Festival show ‘The Radical Women of Latin American Art, 1960-1985’ and whether or not you should procreate. 

The inherent radicalism of Tasman Keith

Tasman Keith chats with Maia Bilyk about his single ‘My Pelopolees’, and the inherent radicalness of Indigenous performers taking up space in the public sphere.

Handbag and Chill with Rebecca Hatch

Next Big Thing SMAC Award nominee Rebecca Hatch stops by to talk NAIDOC Block Party, the importance of community and still needing a lift from mum.

Premiere: Neighbourhood Void explore trauma and healing on new single ‘Cancer’

Premiering on Arvos with Tanya Ali, Sydney gutter rockers Neighbourhood Void have just dropped ‘Cancer’, their first new music since last year’s debut EP.

Premiere: Shoeb Ahmad lays it all out on “pinpointed”

Multi-instrumentalist Shoeb Ahmad has just released her deeply personal new single “pinpointed”, premiered with Darren Lesaguis on Arvos.