Premiere: Shoeb Ahmad lays it all out on “pinpointed”

May 9th 2018

Photo by Adam J Bragg

Multi-instrumentalist Shoeb Ahmad has just released her deeply personal new single “pinpointed”, premiered with Darren Lesaguis on Arvos.

The universality of disconnection is not lost on Shoeb Ahmad, who volunteers her personal experiences to assure others that they are not alone. The Canberra-based artist’s new single “pinpointed” considers the ebb and flow of identity, and where the process of growth and change leaves our intimate relationships.

While navigating the alignment of her private and public persona, Ahmad laments the distance that formed in her own relationship, using the noir-pop melody as a backdrop. Shoeb reflects:

“I lost sight of the line and left someone far behind but when I finally tackled the question around my identity, I realised I needed to apologise for this.”

A departure from the rumbling experimental electronica of her concurrent project, Tangents, Ahmad’s solo work is grounded in organic, rich instrumentals and profound lyrics that explore the delicate interplay of gender, race and religion on lived experiences and social connection.

This is the third single from Ahmad’s eagerly awaited album “quiver”, due to drop later this month. Synonymous with sensitivity, thrill and nerves, “quiver” perfectly surmises the emotional peaks and troughs of the deeply personal journey of grappling with identity.



“quiver” by Shoeb Ahmad is due out May 28. Listen back to her performing live on Jack Off with Jack Shit.