Lizzie Bowles

Independent Artist of the Week: Lamira

Venezuelan Mami, Lamira, is making waves with her soulful and infectious blend of Reggaeton beats and Caribbean rhythms. Having made the familiar journey from creating music in her friend’s kitchen, to finding like-minded collaborators to help elevate and spread her sound far and wide, Lamira is an artist fast on the rise. 

Tkay Maidza is “the master of silentology”

Tkay Maidza is back with a new single produced by Flume. It marks the beginning of an exciting new era – the era of the silent assassin. Tkay spoke with Kanika Kirpalani on Wednesday Arvos to talk us through her new music, producing with Flume, and what we can expect from her soon!

Independent Artist of the Week: Manfredo Lament

Manfredo Lament’s latest EP Movement, Saga & Fable radiates with energy; it savours the antique of jazz, whilst bouncing from soothing synths to psychedelic echoes. Founding members Kurt and Gabe caught up with John Troughton on Up for It! on Wednesday to tell us all about it.

Independent Artist of the Week: Gian Santoro

Gian Santoro’s Reflections On The Waters pulls back the curtains in their soulful recount of navigating queer identity, intergenerational trauma, and grief. Draped in soothing lofi percussion and introspective lyricism, their album Reflections On The Waters is testament to their artistic triumph. 

Independent Artist of the Week: 33

33’s latest EP ‘Bradley’ is a dreamy composite of sonic experimentation. A massive return from a 10 year hiatus, each piece of the EP combines to create a kaleidoscopic insight into Mary’s creative process, and her rebellion against the jarring pursuit of perfection.

Independent Artist of the Week: Chirine

Independent Artist of the Week Chirine explores her all-encompassing journey of musical self expression; the nascent ‘bedroom studio’, and the highs and lows of self-taught production.