Independent Artist of the Week: Lamira

September 1st 2023

  • Lamira :: interview with Vanessa Andres

Venezuelan Mami, Lamira, is making waves with her soulful and infectious blend of Reggaeton beats and Caribbean rhythms. Having made the familiar journey from creating music in her friend’s kitchen, to finding like-minded collaborators to help elevate and spread her sound far and wide, Lamira is an artist fast on the rise. 

Speaking with Vanessa Andres on The Bridge, Lamira shared that her emerging Australian identity influenced her bilingual lyrics, sprinkling in a little bit of English with her native Spanish. The music serves as a universal language for listeners to connect with Lamira and what she has to offer. Largely making music from Sydney, she also has met some Melbournians with serious flavour to collab with. 

At just 19 years old, Lamira’s vibrant, bouncing music speaks to her roots. Her latest single ‘Dame’ pulsates with diverse Latin musical influences. 

“About a year ago, I made a song with a friend in his kitchen, and we just randomly just did a song and that was the beginning of like ‘Oh, I should actually like try and put effort into it – because I love this, and the process of this..’”

Mixing the energy of Reggaeton, with both Spanish and English lyrics, Lamira shares the vibrancy of Caribbean rhythms;

“I try with my music to make it so you can go with the flow, with the rhythm.”
“I’m gonna do it in Spanish so people can experience a little bit of my culture.”

On choosing to combine both Spanish and English in her lyrics, Lamira highlights how important it is for her to enable cultural connection through her music – whether that be introducing Latin music to listeners, or resonating in the hearts of Latin listeners;

“It’s kind of like bringing that out so they feel connected – ‘I’m so far away from home but there’s music here!’”

Lamira’s latest song ‘Dame’ is such an exciting listen; it’s gleaming with confidence and energy, blending pop, Reggaeton and RnB. Stream ‘Dame’ below, and stream the full interview on The Bridge with Vanessa Andres up top.


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