Independent Artist of the Week: 33

May 16th 2023

  • 33 :: interview with Lill Scott

33 is the moniker of Mary Pearson Andrew. Her  latest EP Bradley is a dreamy composite of sonic experimentation; it balances the fun of synthy-pop, whilst exploring elements of experimental electronica. A massive return from a 10 year hiatus, each piece of the EP combines to create a kaleidoscopic insight into Mary’s creative process, and her rebellion against the jarring pursuit of perfection.

After hearing from 33 on Monday Up For It with Lill Scott, it’s clear that methodical, tidy, ‘perfect’ music production are themes  that have shaped her artistic practice – not because she adheres to them , but because she’s actively rebelled against throughout her music career. 

Mary initially received formal training as an orchestral bassoonist. Fatigued by the careful, precise nature of playing orchestrally, it was here where Mary first became fascinated with the experimental side of music. Struck by the jazz students who would jam and improvise, Mary discovered a different facet to her musical expression;

I just felt like there was this whole other side to music of like using your eyes and gut and just playing without so much thinking about what you’re doing.”

This spontaneous style of music production has been key in escaping her “perfectionistic spiral”, and has resulted in her first EP in 10 years, with its soft, spacey, experimental sheen.

“The way to get out of it is to make music about the process – it was kind of tricking my brain, going in the backdoor to make a song.”

Bradley is a dreamy, ethereal collection of four synth pop tracks, which together create a sparkling mosaic of creative process and experimentation. Listen to the full interview with Lill Scott up top, or stream Bradley below: 


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