Independent Artist of the Week: Chirine

April 27th 2023

  • Chirine :: on JUICE w/ Nazty Gurl

Chirine’s ‘Scarred From Love’ is an ode to the power of vulnerability; it underpins both her production, artistic expression and collaboration. She’s our Independent Artist of the Week, and she explores her all-encompassing journey of musical self expression; the nascent ‘bedroom studio’, and the highs and lows of self-taught production.

Chirine is a 21 year old Eora based R&B artist, taking on the industry as a self-taught producer. She caught up with Naz on JUICE last week to talk through her experience as a woman, born in Lebanon and raised in Western Sydney, and how they shaped her journey to becoming an entirely self-produced artist.

It’s clear why self-taught production has been key in creating Chirine’s brooding, dark, and introspective R&B collection. 

Chirine originally struggled finding R&B producers that catered to her unique sound, which prompted her to start learning the craft herself. She spoke candidly about this journey of sonic discovery, or what could otherwise be called the establishment of the ‘bedroom studio’.

“You’re pretty much alone in your room trying to figure it out for yourself”.

Chirine’s bedroom studio plays a huge role in shaping the way her music sounds. Her songs come to life in her most comfortable, personal space, which allows complete creative control and enables the creation of candid, introspective music. 

I can say what I want, be who I want, and not feel judged.”

As a self-taught and self-producing woman in a largely male dominated industry, Chirine told Naz about how vulnerability can be daunting, often feeling as though she had to be “on guard” throughout the production process. 

The grass-roots nature of Chirine’s production flips this experience on its head by creating a safe space to collaborate with other women. 

“When you step into the room with a female producer for the first time – there’s a greater ability to be vulnerable for the first time.”

Chirine’s latest single ‘Scarred From Love’ is testament to what vulnerability in music production, lyricism and collaboration can create. Chirine collaborated with Eora-based artist Sailor Goon on this track. 

It’s a track about toxic love, introspection, and retrospective growth. Chirine’s ethereal, fluttering falsetto vocal tells a story of heartache. The melody on ‘Scarred From Love’ is consistently mellow, positioning her earnest, organic lyricism at the forefront.

Chirine is another incredible artist emerging from Western Sydney’s R&B scene, and brings with her an exciting experiment of self-production and storytelling. 

Want to hear more? Listen to the full interview with Chirine up the top, or you can stream her latest track ‘Scarred From Love’ down below. 


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