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“We working hard. We don’t rest.” PANIA shares her secrets to success on JUICE wit Nazty Gurl

PANIA is an R&B artist from West Melbourne who is well and truly on the rise. She stopped by the FBi studios to chat about her new EP, sold out shows, creative process and dream collaborations on JUICE with Nazty Gurl.

Independent Artist of the Week: Trophie

When you think of a classically trained musician, you might not imagine them releasing an experimental pop meets trance EP accompanied by CGI images. We’d like to introduce you to Trophie.

How five years shaped Alvvays’ new album ‘Blue Rev’

Alvvays’ new record ‘Blue Rev’ comes five years after its predecessor. Vocalist and guitarist Molly Rankin chatted to Maia Bilyk about what the band had to overcome to finally deliver it.

e4444e talks drawing circles and normal music on Mornings with Maia Bilyk

Newcastle-based multi-instrumentalist e4444e chats accidentally making an album, departing from ‘normal’ music and eccentric influences

Shygirl chats the evolution of her sound on new album ‘Nymph’

“I feel like I’m a bit of a confusing artist for a random person to consume.” English artist Shygirl has been forging her own path in terms of genre. She caught up with Bri Kennedy on Arvos to talk through her new record ‘Nymph’ and the multitudes it contains.

Bayang (tha Bushranger) brings sci-fi rap and exclusive demos to JUICE with Nazty Gurl

Bayang (tha Bushranger) is a rapper, DJ and creative from Wylie Park in Eora / Sydney’s west. A unique voice in the music scene, Bayang jumped on Juice with Nazty Gurl to chat about the importance of FBi Radio, transitioning from metal to hip hop and infusing sci fi into his music.

Independent Artist of the Week: Lottie World

Lottie World presents a unique flavour of low-fi bedroom pop with her debut record ‘My Pop Album’. The release delivers on its name with introspective and witty lyrics accompanying bright and playful instrumentation.

Jeshi chats concept albums and his stunning debut ‘Universal Credit’

On his debut album, North London rapper Jeshi combines smooth, low end heavy beats with dreamy synths to complement his hard hitting, rhythmic vocal delivery. He sat down with Bri Kennedy on Arvos to talk through the creation and release of ‘Universal Credit’

HAAi chats her new album, embracing her shoegaze origins and collaborating with neighbours

HAAi’s debut solo album is a fast-paced sonic journey littered with quick cuts, ethereal vocals and hypnotic beats. She stopped by the FBi Radio studios to chat with Maia Bilyk on mornings about the release of ‘Baby, We’re Ascending’ and how she stumbled into the world of electronic music.

Michelle Law chats her body-swap comedy ‘Top Coat’

Michelle Law a comedian and playwright. Her new play Top Coat follows the chaotic consequences of a Chinese-Australian manicurist switching bodies with a white, latte sipping, TV executive. Michelle stopped by FBi Radio last Wednesday to chat all about it.