Independent Artists of the Week: Doss & Nino Pa ‘Piu

October 27th 2023

  • :: Doss & Nino Pa 'Piu on Arvos with Tommy Codling

Doss and Nino Pa’ Piu are a Perth-based hip-hop duo whose music oozes confidence and ingenuity.

The ease in which the pair are able to weave bars in and around each other on their latest project II Piece 2 makes a lot of sense when you realise the two are brothers. The sibling act joined Tommy Codling on Arvos as FBi Radio’s Independent Artists of the Week

“I appreciate you guys man. Independent Artist of the Week, we believe we’re Independent Artists of the year!”

Right from the get go it is clear that the self-assured attitude of Doss and Nino Pa’ Piu’s music are no mere facade. Video-chatting into the studio from their home city of Perth, their energy and pride in their work is infectious.

Perth can often be forgotten about when it comes to the Australian hip-hop scene, but Doss and Nino are doing their best to put it on the map. When it comes to championing local music, the brothers aren’t just focussed on themselves. They describe their label Only Winners Association as more of a family, taking young artists under their wing and helping them succeed.

“It’s not really a label label. We just want to help other kids. We will put them in a position where they want to be… there’s no ties, there’s no contracts. We’re more a family, trying to level people up.”

Creating a familial environment makes sense for the brothers. Their own connection is key to their music.

“Since we were little everything just been linking… we’ve always had that trust in each other. Anything big bro wants to do, I’m there. Anything little bro wants to do, he’s there.”

Having made and released music together since the early 2000s, Doss and Nino have honed their craft on new two track project II Piece 2.

“II Piece 2 is bars after bars after bars. Letting people know we can do all of that.”

It’s clear that Doss and Nino Pa’Piu believe in themselves and where they are going.  We won’t have to wait long for new music, with there being no signs of them slowing down their impressive output. They let slip to Tommy that II Piece 3 and 4 are already done and that they’re thinking about dropping a mixtape. There is also merch on the way.

Listen to Doss and Nino Pa ‘Piu’s full interview with Tommy Codling up top and stream II Piece 2 down below.


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