Studio To Stage: Shabazz Palaces

February 20th 2012


Whattanafternoon. Just a month gone by, Shabazz Palaces’ Ishmael Butler and Tendai ‘Baba’ Maraire had afternoon chats to FBi’s Sweetie and Shag in the studio before heading over to the Keystone Festival Bar for their Sydney Festival show in January. You’d better believe our noses were pressed against the producer’s booth glass.

The Seattle duo let our FBi Video Team tag along with cameras in tow, ready to bring you the latest installment of Studio To Stage, FBi’s brand new video series which takes you by the hand into the studio and backstage for some damn fine chats and mindblowing live sets.

Check out the sha-weet Shabazz Palaces vid below, shot and edited by FBi’s Aidan Keogh.



Want more Studio To Stage? Click here for Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) in the studio with Shag before his Goodgod Small Club show.

Check out the FBi Youtube Channel for more interviews, live performances and tomfoolery.


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