Studio To Stage: Real Estate

April 18th 2012


There’s more to New Jersey than Springsteen and Situations. Nestled half an hour from New York City, you’ll find the village of Ridgewood, NJ, where five straight up nice kids capitalised on their homely surrounds and formed Real Estate, the band you really should have heard by now.

A few weeks ago, the fivesome swayed and shimmied their way to the FBi studio to have chats with Sweetie and Shag on Arvos ahead of their gig at The Standard. After kindly letting us shove cameras and mics in their collective grills, the crew played paper, scissors, rock for seats in the studio, chatted about wordless choruses and proved there’s much more to New Jersey than a trashy, trashy Shore.

Have a gander at what went down in the latest instalment of Studio To Stage, created by Aidan Keogh.

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