Top 10 :: Mardi Gras Club Hits (Spin The Bottle)

February 27th 2014


Photo: AAP: Tracey Nearmy via ABC News

It’s almost the end of Mardi Gras month, and that means it’s time for Sydney to bring on its world-class parade! While all the goonbag drinkers in Hyde Park try their best to give it a bad name, we can’t forget how fun the dance parties are this time of year. (Secret Kylie and the Presets show? Yes please!)

The gay clubs were the first to embrace house music (and the last clubs to close), so the Spin The Bottle team have put together their favourite gay club tracks to gee up for Saturday night! They’re doing a Mardi Gras special on-air from 10pm, if you need something pumping while you glitter up your eyelids.

Celebrate the LGBTQI community with house music, divas, equality and love!

Ce Ce Peniston – Finally

This is an easy first choice. Ce Ce Peniston could have made up this whole list on their own with their Aretha Franklin colab, the sweaty track and so many more… but this is the standout.


Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman (Dancin’ Danny D Remix)

Anyone at her Sydney Festival show earlier in the year would have seen a Domain full of middle aged women and fabulous folk hyping themselves up for two hours of the Diva reliving the 80’s. Plus this remix just gives it the extra dance needed.


Kylie Minogue – Step Back in Time

Kylie’s our Aussie girl, but more so the girl of gay community. They took her under their wing and shot her to success. And yes, I’m kicking myself for missing her secret show at The Beresford on Thursday.


Tiga – You ‘Gonna Want Me

After those three, this list could have gone two ways… and I’m choosing to leave the Lady Gaga path behind, because that would leave no room for the stuff we can listen to guilt-free. Tiga’s a man who’s always in charge of a good dancefloor and this is why.


Scissor Sisters – Any Which Way

Another group that made it hard to choose just one song. While their latest album didn’t make the biggest impact, dancefloors down Oxford St were still all over this one.


Robyn – Dancing On My Own

I must admit I’ve not heard this one on a dancefloor before but it’s got all the right attributes, a.k.a. shit-hot vocals, an infectious groove and careless lyrics.


Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love (Tensnake Remix)

This was the start of a short-lived but flawless collaboration: two flamboyant boys on vocals and two more looking after the 4/4 groove. All Tensnake needed to do was add the ‘Gonna Make You Sweat’ sample and this was a hit.


Hercules & Love Affair – Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)

Frankie Knuckles is synonymous with gay club scene and has a knack for flipping the right songs in the right way. H&LA‘s breakthrough was no exception. (Ps. H&LA member Kim Ann Foxman is playing the Mardi Gras Party this weekend)


Drums of Death ft. Azealia Banks & Franklin Fuentes – Fierce

“I got a job, I got an education, and I’ve got somebody waiting at home for me gott-dammit!” These are the key lyrics of the Drums of Death club hit turned Azealia Banks rap track.


Coming Out Crew – Free Gay & Happy (Deep Throat Vocal Mix) 

I think this title speaks for itself…


Tune in to Spin The Bottle on Saturday night at 10pm for a two-hour more Mardi Gras special.


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