Independent Artist of the Week: Gregor McMurray

April 24th 2024

  • Gregor McMurray :: interview with Benny

Sydney’s Gregor McMurray’s music charges into the future. From dreamy cascades wrapped in haze to dynamic sucker-punch beats, McMurray carves a bold path filled with otherworldly pulses and undeniable charisma. Our Independent Artist of the Week, he recently sat down with Benny on Up For It to chat about his world, his collaboration with EKO ATARI on the EP Lúthien, and the bold textures that define his sound.

Entering McMurray’s sonic realm, there’s a mesmerising duality — a blend of honesty alongside polished emotion that defines its futuristic sheen. His beatcraft is a dynamic fusion, beautifully navigating a space that feels both ethereal and grounded, creating a sound that’s compelling yet undefined. 

McMurray’s sound is sporadic, reflecting their character–– always wanting to not be the same, and to transport listeners to another world. There isn’t a moment of silence within his world.

“It’s really cool to make a world around the music you put out… I don’t stick to one thing for long…’’

In his turbo-powered new EP, Lúthien, the artist opens up his sonic universe to beloved Sydney “plug witch” EKO ATARI. The 4 track project swerves through brash synths and emotionally charged pulsating beats, all wrapped in EKO’s celestial voice.

Clocking in at just 10 minutes, it’s a declaration of love, desire, and infatuation, demanding your attention. From the haunting echoes of EKO’s voice in ‘Plastic Boy’ blending seamlessly with McMurray’s electrifying drum arrangements to moments of restless energy as her vocals dance with the swirling productions, the EP is a thoroughly tactile experience. 

The collaboration marks just one of many in a vibrant local scene buzzing with talents like Chonzu, Holliday Howe, and Mayke. It’s a whirlwind of scattered energy that’s undeniably cool but somewhat elusive to pin down.

“The scene is very scattered.. A lot of people doing a lot of different things, which is really cool, but it also makes it difficult to be like… there’s this group of people, and there’s that group of people.’’ 

Hopefully these undelineated worlds continue to thrive, a local universe perpetually expanding.

Listen above to the full interview between Gregor McMurray and Benny and stream Lúthien on Spotify below.


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