Review :: Darkside

January 25th 2013

The Famous Spiegeltent 24/01/13

So I missed out on seeing Nicolas Jaar at Town Hall’s Paradiso… no biggie! Last night was one electronic music experience that will go straight to my imaginary poolroom. I quite comfortably and willingly went (over) to the Darkside.

Darkside is the collaborative project by Nicolas Jaar and his good friend and guitarist, Dave Harrington.
While staying true to his hyper-minimalistic electronica approach, Darkside is inflected with funk and rock, exquisitely incorporated by Harrington, layering simple and unadorned guitar lines atop atmospheric and wavy electronica.

The sold out evening was a sonic experience that I didn’t want to end. It got off to a late start – Nico wasn’t happy with the sound so we waited patiently until around 1.00am – but spirits were high and the crowd was eagerly waiting to get their stomp on. And stomp we did. With intense crescendos and drawn out bass lines it was jaw-droppingly good. The only downside was the sound – it’s always slightly embarrassing when an artist has to ask, over and over again, for it to be TURNED UP. He still came back for an encore though. Nuff said.

Darkside – A1 from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.


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