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February 26th 2013

It’s common in our young childhood years to identify certain people as heroes. A figure to look up to and aspire to be like. Someone who amazes you, captures you, inspires or motivates you. It’s safe to safe I too had my fair share of amazing people to idolise in my youth, particularly some of the women that surrounded me whilst growing up.

Eliza Sarlos (artistic director for Underbelly Arts/generally excellent lady) and Grace Lee (amazing illustrator) are also quite fond of the female role models that made them who they are today – as well as the positive effects female role models have on our youth. The pair have taken it to the next level with their new book, ‘Amazing Babes‘ – written and illustrated by Sarlos and Lee. ‘Amazing Babes’ conveys the lives of influential women in our society, and how gender does not (and should not) create a barrier when you idolise someone that’s special to you.

“I’ve been so inspired by so many incredible women throughout my life, but rarely do these strong, powerful and life changing women ever cross that line into becoming a childhood hero.” Eliza Sarlos

Originally written for Eliza’s son, the novel holds up influential, brave and incredible women that Sarlos and Lee agree should be recognised by every child in our contemporary society, as a way for them to grow with a fair concept of gender equality and a knowledge of who these ‘amazing babes’ are.

Accompanying the beautiful images hand-illustrated throughout the pages, the text focuses on specific women, including Gloria Steinem (leader of, and media spokeswoman for, the women’s liberation movement in the late 1960s and 1970s), Audre Lorde (Caribbean-American writer and activist), Bella Abzug (American lawyer, Congresswoman, social activist and a leader of the Women’s Movement), Tavi Gevinson (American writer, magazine editor, actress and singer who came to public attention at the age of twelve because of her fashion blog Style Rookie) and Phoolan Devi (an Indian dacoit and later a politician who after being estranged from her family, became the moll of the leader of a group of bandits).

As well as these renowned aforementioned female moguls, the book also pays very necessary homage to the influential roles of our beloved grannies. ‘Cos I mean, no one spoils you when you’re a kid like your granny!

Sarlos and Lee plan on getting this book out there for both children and adults alike – you oldies might just learn a thing or two about some amazing babes yourself! They’re currently raising funds to do get the book published on the web and in a few limited edition print copies. In an amazing display of the amazing babeness of our community, their original target for the campaign was reached in less than 12 hours. Now, with the flushed cheeks of a success, Sarlos and Lee are aiming higher again – hoping to print more than just limited copies for those who support the campaign, but enough copies to be spread around, sold in stores, and passed on to tiny tots all around town.

Go on, get some Amazing Babes into your life.

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