PREMIERE: Mike Akox’s single ‘Spectacular’ is nothing short of the word

March 13th 2020

Photo: Visualsbyrazak

Mike Akox is making serious headway for the future of afrobeat stylings in Australia. Melding western Sydney’s fast paced hip hop with the lush rhythms of his home in Ghana, his latest single ‘SPECTACULAR’ fulfils every interpretation of the word. The song debuted on Arvos with Darren Lesaguis last Wednesday.

‘SPECTACULAR’ is an ode to 2020 – Mike Akox’s affirmation of a fantastic year thus far. Of the song, he says:

“I wrote this song for a special Florence… My spectacular Florence decided to give me a lift to the studio and back home since I had lost my license. 2020 has already been a huge blessing because I finally saw my birthmother for the first time in 18 years. I’m also back home to Ghana from Australia for the first time in years. So with all the blessing I have received from this stage of my life has led to releasing this amazing song.”

The song was produced, mixed, and mastered by BCOLE, who Mike lovingly refers to as ‘Papa’. Ditto Music also helped bring SPECTACULAR to life.

We recommend you keep an eye on Mike Akox. His complex intersected rhythms and chanted vocals teem with the kind of energy that’ll undoubtedly launch him to the forefront of a hip hop movement, proudly embracing the celebration of African culture within Australia. While that’s happening, feel free to listen to ‘SPECTACULAR’ below.



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