PREMIERE: Big Skeez serves a strong Western Sydney flavour with new track ‘Westside’

November 14th 2019

Big Skeez is ushering in a new wave of soul to Western Sydney’s hip hop scene. Teaming up with with fellow Western Sydney rapper Lil Spacely, his latest offering ‘Westside’ looks square at their stomping ground with pride. The track premiered today on Arvos with Tommy Codling.

The pair bring a strong synergy to ‘Westside’, serving upbeat, melodic hip hop, with a polished delivery and a real sense of intent and self-awareness behind it. The track is deeply rooted in its locality – sonically and lyrically.

‘Westside’ follows on from tracks ‘Dopeboy’ and ‘Murdahh’ – each of which were made by Big Skeez and Lil Spacely in the past 18 months. Big Skeez is also responsible for ‘Non-Affiliated’, and most recently, ‘Madness’.

Big Skeez’s sound hints at his African heritage, as well as a lifetime spent in the hip hop scene. Since starting his musical career at the tender age of four, he’s used influences from from different genres and eras to develop his unique sound, and then polished it over a number of live gigs and studio sessions.

2018 performances from Big Skeez include appearances at Big Swell in Melbourne and Sydney, The Western Sydney Hip Hop Project, Lights Out, Red Bull Sound Select, World Bar, and many more, which have solidified his place in the Australian hip hop hierarchy.

Big Skeez will be performing at The Week.End Club in Potts Point alongside Lil Spacely and Nes to celebrate the release of ‘Westside’ with a free show. You can find the details to that show below, but in the mean time, you can listen to ‘Westside’ here:


WHO: Big Skeez with Lil Spacely and Nes
WHAT: Westside single launch
WHERE: Week.End Club, Potts Point
WHEN: Friday November 15


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