PREMIERE: Julia Why? take on madness in their ethereal new single ‘Starman’

April 3rd 2019

Julia Why

Image: Nina Tempone

Julia Why?’s ethereal new single ‘Starman’ is a dazzling taste of the trio’s forthcoming second album Hysteria, slated for release later in the year. We got the first taste on Arvos with Darren Lesaguis.

‘Starman’ strikes a chord: it’s more subdued than their recent Riot grrrl releases, but equally as impactful. Toying with themes of mental health and madness, the single is built on angular post-punk riffs and soaring harmonies. There is a sense of calm and dreaminess, as they veer a comfortable distance from the unabashedly visceral sound we’ve caught before.

Talking about the album, Julia Why? frontwoman Julia Wylie said ‘Starman’ tells of her own struggles with mental health, and hones in on her intense personal experience with the late David Bowie.

“This song traces my personal journey with madness. It is an homage to David Bowie, whose death in 2016 triggered hallucinations and a manic episode that eventually led to hospitalisation and a bipolar diagnosis. David Bowie became a transcendental source of strength while I battled and danced with my own demons.” 

In a letter published on Electric Lady, Wylie further details her struggles. You can find it here.

Julia’s Why?’s dynamic sound has earned the band a coveted reputation, with supports including Tropical Fuck Storm, Waxahatchee, Hatchie, Hinds, and Major Leagues. With alt rock cred, attention grabbing melodies and real pathos, Julia Why? have made a habit out of inspiring awe – both live and on record – and it’s earned them some serious airtime on FBi Radio.

Check out ‘Starman’ here, first.

WHAT: ‘Starman’ Single Launch
WHO: Julia Why?, Pleasure Chest + August Auzins
WHERE: Waywards at the Bank Hotel, Newtown
WHEN: Tuesday 9 April
HOW MUCH: Free! More info HERE.


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