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Wax Lyrical is an exploration of written works, found texts, songs with lyrics, poems with music – join Algal Blooms, Absent DJ & 2nite’s Producer on a wonderful journey through word and sound.

New episodes every fortnight.

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Get excited, vibrate and overflow with Algal Blooms as he guides you through a watery world. This week we learn about:


  • Erotic rockpools
  • The pilgrimage of Centennial Park eels to New Caledonia
  • What happens when you stick a microphone under the surface of the Murrumbidgee

Roy Batty Jr + Future telling

Absent DJ prophesies, fortune tells and presses on for meaning - through the Book of Answers, via Algal's prolific Italian Seer, premonitions, and guest Roy Batty Jnr's dissociative meditation: chopped and screwed Youtube tarot readings and oddities. 


Tracks from: Whirse, Zuli, Rabit & Lucrecia Dalt.



This episode of Wax Lyrical contains explicit language and references to drugs and violence.

In episode three, join 2Nite's Producer in a haze of nostalgia. An exploration of sepia toned memories and warped refelections of the past. Stories of misspent youth, drug addled discussions of crime and Absent DJ's party trick accompanied by tracks about looking back.

Sheep Boy

In episode two, Algal is joined by artist and thinker, Sheep Boy. Sometimes soothing, other times probing, Sheep Boy spins us an intimate sound-weave. In this mix, old memories blend with present feelings. A mother's song, played to drowse her restless daughter merges with an endless conversation about crash bandicoot. We hear a stripper's soliloquy, detailing the delicate balance of duty between seductive dancer and psychologist.

AI vs the Dalai Lama

In the first episode of Wax Lyrical, Algal, Absent DJ and 2Nite's Producer invite you into their warm, wordy cocoon. The gang brings artificial intelligence face to face with the Dalai Lama in a battle of wisest words. Which wisdom is which?

Songwise: be prepared for nourishing sounds – stuff you play to plants, shamanic trance and relaxation tapes. 

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