FIRST TAKE with Jack and André #02 – Rocketman

June 17th 2019

First Take rocketman

The filmlordes are back with Episode 2, and this time they attempt to give us their San Pellegrino-fuelled First Take on the Sir Elton biopic ‘Rocketman’, with characteristically ludicrous results.

In case you’re wondering what the heck all this fuss is about, FIRST TAKE is a new video series starring FBi Radio’s film critics and Movies Movies Movies hosts, Jack and André. With the hottest of hot takes straight from their amygdalas, this series brings you the filmlordes’ unvarnished reactions to the week’s cinematic fare.

Buckle in for blast-off this week as Jack & André go after Rocketman and biopics in general, before making an unexpected but DEFINITELY NOT TENUOUS mid-review detour to the Sydney Opera House. Watch below and marvel at the tenuouslessness!

See episode 1 here.

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