Jack Atherton & André Shannon

First Take: In Conversation with Leigh Whannell

“Elisabeth Moss must pay a really expensive therapist.”

First Take with Jack and André #04 – Dark Arts at AGNSW

“When you put on an Ariana Grande mask, it’s not a haunted dimension at all.”

First Take: In Conversation with Jillian Bell

The FBi Radio Filmlordes chat to ‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’ star Jillian Bell and break down all of the film’s philosophical takeaways for the exercise-averse.

First Take with Jack and André #03 – Joker, Judy & Hustlers

What do ‘Joker’, ‘Judy’ and ‘Hustlers’ all have in common? Bhad Bhabie, apparently.

Interview: The Nightingale and the all-encompassing horror of colonialism

Director Jennifer Kent and star Baykali Ganambarr talk about confronting colonialism in the most walked out of film of the year.

FIRST TAKE with Jack and André #02 – Rocketman

FIRST TAKE Ep 02 sees Sir Elton’s biopic ‘Rocketman’ send Jack & André into a San Pellegrino-fuelled existential crisis from which only one woman can save them.

FIRST TAKE with Jack & André #01 – Sydney Film Festival 2019

FIRST TAKE is a new video series starring filmlordes Jack and André giving their unvarnished reactions to the week’s cinematic fare. First in the firing line is SFF’s 2019 program