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Space Cowgirls!

Animals + The Farewell, and the Filmlordes rain down with free movie tickets as part of FBi 94.5's support drive. Also, we discuss space films while hyping some incredible work in cinemas by Australian female directors (The Nightingale, Angel of Mine, Animals). We also play a shout out from director Sophie Hyde, whose film Animals is in cinemas September 12th 2019. If you like the show/podcast, want to keep Movies, Movies, Movies alive, or simply love FBi 94.5 please consider becoming a support, for as little as $5 a month. You can find all the details at Thanks for listening, keep watching films (and talking)!

[UNCUT] Kim Farrant Interview

Angel of Mine director Kim Farrant talks about kinks, spirituality and how everyone's a sex worker with the Filmlordes in a wide ranging interview about her new film and the importance of shining a light on shame. This is one of our favourite interviews ever because Kim Farrant is working beyond aesthetics finding a depth of emotion through body work and meditation. We go deep to the ocean floor and find out about how she is able to get such extreme performances from her actors, why they love working with her and how she usually feels sucked dry by journalists. Content warning: this interview conversation deals with sexual themes.

[UNCUT] Jennifer Kent/Baykali Ganambarr Interview

The Filmlordes interview director Jennifer Kent and actor Baykali Ganambarr on their film The Nightingale. The Nightingale is a critically acclaimed period film set in 19th century Tasmania, following the desperate efforts of an Irish convict girl and an Aboriginal tracker committed to finding the man who has destroyed their lives and families. During the chat the Filmlordes discuss Venice Film Festival, the horrors of colonial Australia, and the fundamental truth telling behind this unflinching film. Content warning: this interview conversation deals with themes of sexual violence.

Kinks and Spirituality

Amazing Grace + Pose Finale - Angel of Mine director Kim Farrant joins us to talk about shining a light where shame exists. Lucretia Martel ghosts Roman Polanski at the Venice Film Festival, Black Panther gets a release date and Beanie Feldstein is going to be in Richard Linklater's twenty year musical project. We also talk to Kim Farrant (Strangerland and Angel of Mine) about diving deep into characters and how to explore kinks safely to process trauma and shame.

The Australian Nightmare

Late Night + The Australian Dream; plus we talk to Jennifer Kent and Baykali Ganambarr about the pressure they feel releasing The Nightingale. Robert De Niro is suing his assistant for 6 million dollars for watching 55 episodes of Friends at work, Oneohtrix Point Never is scoring a new Safdie Brothers film and Lana Wachowski is back to write and direct The Matrix four with Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves (hopefully in Sydney).

Women Make Film

The Nightingale + No Time For Quiet. Andj is back! Thank you to Gloria Bose for covering the last three weeks

Mother!s Milk

Midsommar + Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood and Queer Screen Festival Director Lisa Rose joins us to talk about the lineup. Lana Del Rey has given Guillermo Del Toro a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and released a song for his new film. Shia Labeouf is going for an Oscar with Honey Boy and Harvey Weinstein is denied a European visa. Midsommar is Mother!s milk and Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood slides into ur life. Queer screen is showing some Cannes favourites and The Little Mermaid at a community daytime screening and Gloria Bose leaves us after three fun weeks covering for Andj.

Straight to DVD with Gloria Bose

The Public + Fast and Furious presents Hobbs and Shaw. We mark the point where straight to cinema means the same as what straight to DVD used to. Kim Kardashian West is making a two hour documentary on the prison industrial complex for a true crime channel, the pioneer of Direct Cinema who paved the way for reality TV D.A. Pennebaker has passed away and Oscar season begins with the release of the Queen and Slim trailer - the Bonnie and Clyde adaptation by Lena Waithe and Melina Matsoukas. Gillian Armstrong is speaking about Little Women at Palace Verona this week and the Merrily we go to hell, celebrating women in cinema series is still going strong this week with Lynne Ramsay's iconic Morvern Callar.

FF Fight Club

Apocalypse Now: Final Cut + Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, Prototype hype from Lauren Carrol Harris. NIDA dropout Gloria Bose kicks it with us this week to replace Andj who slept in. Not one but two women are at the Venice Film Festival this year representing huge leaps and bounds after Jennifer Kent was called a whore at last years festival and trailers for the new Transparent feature finale and the Harriet Tubman film. We also talk to Lauren Carrol Harris from the Guardian and Radio National about PROTOTYPE, a new online platform for cutting edge critical local content in the sweet spot between video art and experimental cinema.

Dogs Have Dicks In The Park

Desperately Seeking Susan + The Lion King, and the Filmlordes push for local Sydney film Asian Girls to win an AACTA award. Also in the show; why does Chance the Rapper love the original Lion King so much? The Filmlordes love Lashana Lynch playing the new 007 but first we thought it was Jane Lynch - the mean gym teacher from glee. We also mount a campaign to get Asian Girls an Australian Oscar at the AACTA awards.

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