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Movies Movies Movies is a weekly show with exclusive extended podcasts exploring the movie universe from the Sydney viewpoint of two huge film Lordes, Jack Atherton and André Shannon.



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Captain Marvel + The House that Jack Built, the Filmlordes pretty much break down how the world is wild and rough. Jack and André review two emotional films that are riding the wave of New Wave. We remember seminal filmmaker Barbara Hammer, pipe the release of Nicole Kidman's Destroyer, breakdown Felicity Huffman's ugly lawsuit, and little did we know Cate Blanchett does the best impersonation of Marina Abramović. Talk about it. 

Once Then Now Apocalypse!

Everybody Knows + Now Apocalypse, plus the makers of Once Then Now a love letter to Sydney shot in 24 hours. Kristina Savic, Harison Witsey and Maeve Rose Parker tell us about what it was like to shoot a film in a day around the city and who they bumped into. We agree to disagree on everything. André tries to drag Nicole, but Jack Jen won't have a bar of it. Australia microbudgets represent - Imogen McCluskey is taking her feature to Cinequest and Victoria Thompson is heading to Auckland to INCUBATE. XXXO

Shakedown and Period. End of Sentence!

Period. End of Sentence + Shakedown, the Filmlordes talk about the film that nabbed an Oscar about menstruation. Why is Captain Marvel being sabotaged, and is André a bro? All these questions are answered, along with a discussion about International Womyn's Day in film.

DANGERFILM with Brady Corbet director of Vox Lux

The filmlordes interview Brady Corbet about his new film Vox Lux and talk about working with Sia, genre-fucking, ending with an excellent name drop of F.W Murnau and Nicholas Roeg. 


Oscars 2019 Special + Brady Corbet director of Vox Lux talks about Sia + queer filmmaking in Sydney. In this one off special episode we perform an interview with Brady Corbet, with the help of Cinema Girl Lily Bennett. And we shed a tear for the Oscars. A tear of joy, or sadness? Both!

Guess Who's Back In The House!

Vox Lux + Alita: Battle Angel, Nicholas Wrathall joins us to talk about Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley.

André is back and it's like he never left! What is Lars Von Trier turning his films into? Who was the biggest snub from the Oscar nominations? What were the Oscars originally made to distract from? What has Sia been up to???

All this and more before we are joined by Nicholas Wrathall to fill us in on what he found out while he was filming Undermined: Tales From The Kimberley.

Disruptive D.I.Y. w Freya Aisbitt!

Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle + High Flying Bird, Rowan Oliver is LIVE and lets us know about Rainbow Means Kill a DIY anarcho-queer video work playing in her bed at artspace. James Cameron has released his SEX CULT titles, new Gypsy and Chucky remakes w hot, smart women, Maria Callas and Ellen Page calls out Chris Pratt for attending Hillsong which promotes EVIL gay conversion therapy.

Art-World with Lily Bennett

Velvet Buzzsaw + Let the Sunshine In, Cinema Girl Lily Bennett also reaches out to Ewan McGregor. Leigh Whannell is writing a new Escape from New York, where to catch Open Captioned screenings in Sydney, Priyanka Chopra is starring as Ma Anand Sheela in a film based on Wild Wild Country and Ewan McGregor will star as old Danny Torrance in The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep. 

The last Cosmic Futures screenings are this week at the AGNSW and Blue is screening at the Juanita Nielsen centre.

It's been a long day without you, my friend...

FYRE FRAUD + FYRE, Enoch joins us in studio and Andj phones in from Dutch festival heaven. An all female Fast and the Furious, Mardi Gras Film Festival, Leaving Neverland and why the Oscars are so boring this year. We review both Fyre documentaries and call André. He's in Rotterdam with Gaspar Noe watching Vox Lux and Robert Pattinson give his cum to Juliette Binoche on a spaceship. 

Maria, Queen of Thots!

The World is Yours + Mary, Queen of Scots - Cinema Girl Maria Dimitrakas joins us while Andj puts the Rot in Rotterdam. Anne Hathaway to play the Grand High Witch in a new adaptation of Roald Dahl's The Witches - Angelica Houston says 'Good Luck', Nic Roeg rolls his eyes from the grave. Harmony Korine's Beach Bum, Olivia Wilde's Booksmart and Jordan Peele's Us to premiere at SXSW plus, Peele to produce and star in a new Twilight Zone series. We talk about why it's better to stay single in the lead up to Valentines and catch Terror Nullius  with your girls at Artspace on repeat or submit a film to Kino Sydney!

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