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Sleepover with John Waters! ft. Jenny Neighbour

Happy As Lazzaro + John Wick 3: Paracetamol, the Filmlordes interview Jenny Neighbour on All Night Cine-Love In. Also, why is Cannes so opposed to moms? And what was it like to see Eraserhead for the first time in the 70s? Jenny Neighbour talks everything cinephilia for her, and the films that have stuck with her forever.

Top of the Lake!

Top End Wedding + Long Shot: Sydney Film Festival top picks and Jane Campion news. 
And we couldn't help but wonder, how did we let ourselves get swept up in romantic comedies this week?

News about Jane Campion's upcoming feature return, SBS World Movies channel, Peggy Lipton's passing and How To Vote for the screen industries to tell more of our own stories (Hint: not the LNP).


Notes on Camping(*)

3 Faces + Knock Down The House, Nightmare camp trips, High Fantasy and John Singleton in memoriam. The South African Film Festival is opening at Boody J (Bondi Junction) with High Fantasy, a body-swap race relations iPhone movie that looks like an episode of Skins. We pay our respects to John Singleton and talk about whether bedwetting is edgy because there is a musical being made out of Sarah Silverman's memoir. 

Give Her Some Money (ft. Ana Kokkinos)

Gloria Bell + 1985, the Filmlordes discuss Wanda, Cinema Reborn, and chat to Ana Kokkinos about their film Blessed. Lucy Lui gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi is imprisonned for being outspoken, and Lizzo joins the Cardi B film cast. The Filmlordes become the first film critics to ask the world; what is your favourite feminist film?


Who Run The World (ft. Gillian Armstrong)

Homecoming + The Act, featuring Gillian Armstrong on the phone. Milla Jovovich is taking down the bad reviews of Hellboy and the Cannes lineup has been released featuring Rosalia in an Almodovar film! We review Hulu's The Act and Netflix's Homecoming and then talk to Australia's own international auteur Gillian Armstrong. 

Guava Country with Ben Hackworth!

Unicorn Store + Guava Country, plus Celeste filmmaker Ben Hackworth talks to us about shooting a film at Paronella Park. We talk about Wine Country featuring Aunt Freckle and Maya Erskine, Heath Ledger turning in his grave as D.T. uses the Dark Knight theme in a ampaign ad and Laurie Anderson is leaning hard into VR. The Beychella documentary is dropping soon and so has the BLL Season 2 trailer. We also have Australian filmmaker Ben Hackworth in the studio talking to us about Odessa Young and Radha Mitchell who star in his literally operatic new film Celeste. 

Real Skaters talk Mid90s

Mid90s Special; the Filmlordes have an exclusive chat to two real life queer skater boys on how 'authentic' Mid90's is. Today, the film lovers talk about how to use potatoes to commemorate Agnès Varda, French auteurism (duh), and also why skate films are actually just fashion films. In the studio is the Filmordes' favourite filmmaker Rex Woods and Dr. Wilfred Brandt of 'Thank you for asking me that question' fame, here to talk about real life queer skater boy culture. Are you team Stoner-Jonah, or Bro-ner-Jonah? 

Axe in the Wall 'US' Exclusive

Us + The Kindergarten Teacher: Lizzie Kidd costume assistant on Us talks to us about how Jordan Peele is getting Hollywood back on track. We also mourn the loss of the original French New Wave filmmaker Agnes Varda and Avant-Garde composer and musician Scott Walker while congratulating Tanwarin Sukkhapisit, Thailand's first transgender MP who also happens to be a radical filmmaker. We also check in with Lizzie Kidd, our friend and superstar taking over Hollywood from the bottom. She worked as a costume assistant in her first ever feature film on Jordan Peele's Us and she tells us what it was like to get THAT Thriller shirt from a creepy guy in Downtown L.A who had a bunch of axes.

Suss the puss on Us

Island of Hungry Ghosts + Destroyer, the Filmlordes are wild for Us, Jonas Mekas, and Trace Lysette. Cardi B finally gets her feature film debut role in Hustlers, and the Filmlordes reminisce on Jonas Mekas' contribution to film as a 'filmmer'. We ask audiences what film scared them the most, like The Ring, Saw III, and Anaconda. 


Captain Marvel + The House that Jack Built, the Filmlordes pretty much break down how the world is wild and rough. Jack and André review two emotional films that are riding the wave of New Wave. We remember seminal filmmaker Barbara Hammer, pipe the release of Nicole Kidman's Destroyer, breakdown Felicity Huffman's ugly lawsuit, and little did we know Cate Blanchett does the best impersonation of Marina Abramović. Talk about it. 

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