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From South Sudan to the Deep South!

Dumplin' + That Old Dream That Moves - Mandela Matthia is in the studio with Oscar Hype swirling around, we talk AACTAs, Cannes and serious acting. Starring in All These Creatures, an award winning Australian short film thats won Cannes, the AACTAs and surely seems likely to take home gold at the Academy Awards. We review the new ode to Dolly Parton starring Sydney actress Danielle Macdonald and Jennifer Aniston and a hard-to-find queer french film That Old Dream That Moves playing this week at Golden Age to launch the new edition of Fireflies. <3<3<3

DANGERFILM with Gaspar Noé On Climax!

The Filmlordes interview Gaspar Noé on all things filmmaking, process, and climaxing. Noé's new film CLIMAX (2018) is a full-on mashup of vogueing, drug taking, sex, and violence - best enjoyed with full attention. The Filmlordes talk about how Gaspar makes films, and finally figure out what makes him truly get off. CLIMAX is released nationally in Australia on December 6. 

Sorry, the Princess Climaxes!

Sorry to Bother You + The Princess Switch: Gaspar Noe is on the phone from Gay Paris to talk about CLIMAX his new evil film about vogueing and acid. We also talk Australians at Sundance, Zoe Kravitz, FKA Twigs, Shia LaBeouf, Spider-Man and thank u, next with the amazing Bridie Tanner.

Filmlordes have hooves!

Lean On Pete + Widows, and we interview director/writer Andrew Haigh about Lean On Pete. Also in news; Rebel Wilson is cast in Cats, and filmmaker Nicholas Roeg passes away at the age of 90. We have the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Haigh about his new film Lean On Pete, and the filmlordes try not to talk about Ezra Miller. 

Take Care it's Depression Season!

Fahrenheit 11/9 + Beautiful Boy and what to watch when you're feeling down!

We answer the age old question, can you watch movies if you have anxiety! Demanding movies? Soul Food? J.K Rowling? Is Climax written by J.K Rowling? Spike Lee pronounced dead instead of Stan Lee, We ask the important question is this a photo of Rachel McAdams or Juliet Lewis? Cummy Spiderman, not being able to tell who Brad Pitt is out of the sea of white male faces and a new film from Sebastian Lelio.

3 Flamingos in studio!

John Waters + Pepi, Luci, Bom. We invite Ingrid Dieckmann (aka Ripper Gently) into the studio to talk about curating the coolest film space in Marrickville. Also, you guessed it, Charlize Theron does not want to star in porn, Beth Ditto gets real about her acting, and California burns up its famous film sets. 


Roma + Strange Colours, the Filmlordes know what's good at the AACTA awards but still want to see experimental films! So they talk about an amazing screening happening at the Workshop for Potential Cinema, and some Russian film screenings at the NSW Art Gallery. But wait! Jack also fell in love with Roma, and André gets lost in Strange Colours.

You Are, Suspiria, I Could Watch You Forever!

Boy Erased + Suspiria, then the Filmlordes are so excited to drop their interview with Jamie Lee Curtis. They talk about the Clueless adaptation in the works, Cate Blanchette's defence of heterosexual actors, what to expect from an ultimate Halloween film courtesy of the listeners, and Aussie Netflix (but mostly Sabrina Netflix).

Nicole Kidman is a detective!

Halloween + A Star Is Born, then the filmlordes talk about Nicole Kidman's new badass heroine film, and Jack's mum went and saw The Nightingale so we play a voicemail she recorded of her reaction. We giveaway tickets to Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot to those who text in potential questions to ask Jamie Lee Curtis.

Starstruck Baby Can You Blow My Heart Up?

☆ + Dendy Hype Reel, Plus we talk to the programmer of the Sci Fi Festival about sci fi being the most woke genre. Tilda Swinton plays an 82 year old man in Suspiria, Lady Gaga rumoured to play Ursula in The Little Mermaid, High Life trailer drops, A horse remembers Liam Neeson, Russel Crowe agrees that animals have memories. 

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