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Movies Movies Movies is a weekly show with exclusive extended podcasts exploring the movie universe from the Sydney viewpoint of two huge film Lordes, Jack Atherton and André Shannon.



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Keep Sydney Closed

Carriageworks + Event Cinemas George St, plus the Filmlordes talk to Ingrid Dieckman, curator of Pink Flamingo Cinema, about running a DIY film space during a pandemic. We discuss the upcoming films that are merely being talked about instead of developed, the end of Event Cinemas George St, and how Berliners are projecting films onto buildings and thinking they've invented something new. *Movies, Movies, Movies is growing up, so this episode has no recorded stings as part of ongoing construction*


Black Moon + Non-Binary, plus the Filmordes welcome new Mornings host Maia Bilyk with a curated listicle. Do we love iso-Arca, and hate quar-louis Malle? Ignore the puns and stay for our personalised list of films Maia needs to watch to stay up to date with the Filmlordes. We also discuss the bonkers/immense success of Trolls World Tour. [recorded live over Zoom]

The Farewell Bridie

Marie Antoinette + Madeline + Airplane Graveyard, and the Filmlordes farewell the host of Mornings, Bridie Tanner. After 2 strong years of bare knuckle film talk the Filmlordes say goodbye to Bridie with a review of one of their own films, Airplane Graveyard. Grab the tissues cause Kirsten Dunst doesn't tear jerk, and prepare for a sweet farewell in classic Filmlorde fashion.


Forever + Emma, and the Filmlordes discuss Roger Corman's insta-film festival. On Movies, Movies, Movies we pay respect to memelorde gayvapeshark who made a name on Adult Swim's Bottom Text and discuss the state of film under Covid-19. We also plug Roger Corman's insta-film festival, a call to arms for filmmakers under quarantine.

You're terrible Desiree

The film lordes zoom in with Bridie to talk about Adam Curtis, American fetishisation of kitsch Australian cinema and what Apitchatpong has beein doing in isolation. Desiree Akhavan, who was just on a writers retreat in South Australia spoke with us from a spooky basement apartment in New York to tell us to watch Centre Stage and we review Hypernormalisation and Bottom Text.

Bins at Seventh Gallery

Flower of My Secret + The Skin I Live In; and the Filmlordes announce their online series of film screenings at Seventh Gallery. With their first show via Zoom the Filmlordes discuss Disney's delays and the ultimate auteur in quarantine: Almodóvar. In Sydney Spotlight the show Bins by Garden Reflexxx is announced. Featuring Slow Hands by Azealia Banks.

Postpony boys

Have you ever, ever felt like this? We are back on the waves maybe in person for the last time in a while talking about how Fiona Apple cancelled cocaine and COVID-19 has cancelled Cannes. We spoke to a leading medical advisor about pandemic accuracy in films and what NOT to watch, and make a few suggestions of our own, including everything by Desiree Akhavan. Reach out have with your COVID-19 stories from the inside of the industry, we will be broadcasting every week and we'd love to hear from you

Downhill & Shakedown ft. Leilah Weinraub

Downhill + Queen and Slim, plus an interview with writer/director artist Leilah Weinraub, on her work Shakedown. While Jen is self-quarantining in Adelaide André steers the ship talking about Bernie Sanders' watchlist, the 2020 fall of SXSW, and in Sydney Spotlight we recommend watching Shakedown on Pornhub - an arthouse documentary about the legendary L.A strip club night. In a chat with Leilah Weinraub we take a glimpse into the film, screening on Pornhub for the month of March. *Featuring 'Drama' by Torraine Futurum, Rubby

Parasite is still in cinemas

Bernie Babe Mark Ruffalo stars in Dark Waters, Todd Haynes's (The Buttegieg of cinema) new post-9/11 Erin Brokovich movie, Parasite's success is causing the South Korean government to look into improving the lives of people living in basement apartments and Celine Sciamma (director of Portrait of a Lady on Fire) was part of a walk out from the Cesar Awards when they decided in their wisdom to honour Roman Polanski with an award. We also sat down with Leigh Whannell to talk about his new film The Invisible Man, catch the full interview on the FBi facebook page.

Taste of Honey

What films make you cry? Honeyland is everything they said it was and For Sama reminds us that it's everyone's responsibility to record and communicate abuses of power. Tilda Swinton is coming to Australia to make movies with Mad Max director George Miller she's also making 'Jean Cocteau's The Human Voice' with Almodóvar and a Parasite TV show and The Matrix 4 has started shooting, although not in Sydney 🙁

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