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Heaven forbid Asian Girls wins an AACTA!

Desperately Seeking Susan + The Lion King, and the Filmlordes push for local Sydney film Asian Girls to win an AACTA award. Also in the show; why does Chance the Rapper love the original Lion King so much? The Filmlordes love Lashana Lynch playing the new 007 but first we thought it was Jane Lynch - the mean gym teacher from glee. We also mount a campaign to get Asian Girls an Australian Oscar at the AACTA awards.

Scarlett Johansson Saw Trap

Sarah Jacobson Tribute and Desire Lines in studio talking about The Slow (Demo)lition of My Perfect Vision. A new Saw reboot starring Chris Rock where ScarJo is playing a Saw Trap, Jim Carey Deepfakes and Andrea Arnold mistreatment. We counter act all this weird news with two reviews of films by the late Sarah Jacobson who's incredible DIY films have just been restored and played at Pink Flamingo Cinema last week. Then Seb and Maeve join us in the studio and we talk about their alt-art night at the Pitt St Church this coming Saturday.

Live from Alice Springs

Booksmart + Parasite - Filmmaker Dylan River skypes in from Alice Springs to tell us all about Robbie Hood, his new series on SBS On Demand. We celebrate David Gulpilil's lifetime achievement award at the NAIDOC Awards on Saturday Night, sad news for White Chicks fans, a new Mulan trailer and Leonardo Di Caprio has had to surrender his Oscar to the justice system. Also GO to Pink Flamingo Cinema this Thursday to celebrate the life and movies of the late DIY Queen Sarah Jacobson.

Anima of the State

God Control + Anima, Garden Reflexxx presents Last Minute Challenge July 6 Pink Flamingos Cinema. Ann Dowd gives an inspiring speech about finding success late, SBS World Movies launches today, Charlie's Angels trailer doesn't go there enough and Erica Glynn is doing Dark Emu! We also talk about Garden Reflexxx presents Last Minute Challenge which is Sydney's new essential D.I.Y. film festival, this Saturday Night at Pink Flamingos Cinema in Marrickville.

Victoria's Basement

Pose + Euphoria: Director Victoria Thompson talks about her new warehouse film Don't Forget To Go Home. Ava Duvernay's show about the Central Park Five is taking over the world and local GAY debut feature Sequin in a Blue Room wins the audience award at the Sydney Film Festival... and that's the last time we say Sydney Film Festival for hopefully a very long time.

[UNCUT] Women of 'Vai' Interview

Becs Arahanga, Matasila Freshwater, Sharon Whippy and Marina Alofagia McCartney talk to us about Vai, a new film from the producers of Waru in 9 vignettes all by Pacific Islander women. Listen in to find out about the unique process of nine filmmakers meeting and collaborating on a film together across waters.

Women of 'Vai'

The Filmlordes take a break SIKE; they interview 4 of the 9 female directors of Vai, and call Jack over the phone to chat about why Jack loves Richard E Grant so much. Also, we discuss Nicole Kidman's cat bag situation, and how to stay cool when walking out of Claire Denis' High Life. 

[UNCUT] Sophie Hattch Interview

Filmlordes Jack and André interview Sophie Hattch, a producer on Sequin in a Blue Room and Suburban Wildlife, two features premiering at SFF 2019. The two films are debuts - directed by Sam Van Grinsven and Imogen McCluskey - who made the films on shoe-string budgets. We talk about funding, shooting, and creating in Sydney, the question of whether to show really dick on screen, and how to bring a debut feature to life. 

[UNCUT] Gillian Armstrong Interview

Filmlordes Jack and André interview filmmaker Gillian Armstrong on her film High Tide screening at SFF 2019. The film is presented in the section 'David Stratton Presents' from the collection of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. We discuss Greta Gerwig, making films throughout the years, and what its like being a filmmaker in 2019.


Varda by Agnés + Pain & Glory, ANTIFA David Stratton, walkouts at The Nightingale premiere and Chernobyl backlash.

A big first weekend of the Sydney film festival sees sell out premieres of Sequin in a Blue Room and Suburban Wildlife. Cutting edge and divisive cinema amidst political turmoil as fascism and authoritarianism tightens it's grip. David Stratton speaks out!!! Plus, we tease something close to our hearts coming soon to a venue near you - Garden Reflexxx presents Last Minute Challenge, a film festival curated by Enoch Mailangi, and us! A collection of local and international resourceful cinema. 

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