WATCH: Georgia Mulligan performs ‘Omissions’ on Mornings

Singer/songwriter Georgia Mulligan swung by the studio for Mornings with Ben Hansen to give us a stunning live performance. She also treated us to a sneak peek of another track from her new album!

WATCH: Skeleten digs through the FBi Radio music library

Skeleten (the project of Sydney electronic music mainstay and the genius behind this week’s Album of the Week Russell Fitzgibbon) swung by FBi Radio to chat all about his debut record Under Utopia

Naz and Cherry Chola stand in the music library. They are making a love heart shape with their hands.

WATCH: Cherry Chola live on JUICE

Eora/Sydney has Cherry Chola fever and we don’t blame them! The Naarm/Melbourne-via-Venezuela artist who has been making waves for her original and fresh sound joined Nazty Gurl on JUICE for an exclusive performance at FBi.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Jannah Beth oozes divine beauty on ‘Who Am I To Judge’

A sincere and cathartic moment from an artist chronicling her journey and announcing her arrival.

On the road with Shady Nasty on Mornings with Maia Bilyk

The iconic local three piece unpack their signature car iconography.

Jay Watson’s pub lunch preferences & sharp left turns

Watch the Pond/GUM/Tame Impala multi-instrumentalist speak on everything from share-house horror stories to finding confidence as a producer.

The endless interpretations of KUČKA’s ‘Wrestling’ on Up For It with Courtney Ammenhauser

She’s physical! She’s metaphorical! She’s even a lil bit sexual! Delve into the mind of Aus’ avant-garde pop auteur & her labour of love debut album.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Too Birds takes no prisoners with ‘I’m The Peak’

Quickly backing up their sophomore album ‘Melbourne 2’, Too Birds delivers an epileptic cacophony of textures on their new video for ‘I’m The Peak’.

The nourishing power of the music community: Watch imbi on Up For It with Courtney Ammenhauser

“It’s like support, it’s affirmation, it’s validation. It’s the antidote to imposter syndrome when you can sit around with other musicians and talk about your vulnerabilities.”