On the road with Shady Nasty on Mornings with Maia Bilyk

November 4th 2021

A stalwart of Eora’s live scene and SMAC Award-nominated trio, Shady Nasty blend punk, hip hop and electronica into their own wonderfully chaotic sound. Kevin, Luca and Haydn joined Maia Bilyk to chat the band’s six year history, the influence and importance of cars across their work, and took a deep dive into the production and dimensions behind brand new EP ‘CLUBSMOKE’.

Off the back of killer singles ‘IBIZA’ and ‘ROLL1N’ H1LLZ’, ‘CLUBSMOKE’ sees the trio embody exaggerated caricatures that explore often disturbing aesthetics of contemporary society, including clubbing, vlogging, clout, hypertrophy and Instagram culture.

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