Diary Of Death

Diary of Death: 2nd – 8th Dec

Curated by Jack Shit!

The Grates on reuniting and reigniting the hustle

Jack Shit welcomed the irrepressible energy of The Grates into the studio for a chat and a live rendition of ‘Rock Boys’, on the arvo of their first show since reuniting.

Cash Savage on turning indignation into inspiration

Cash Savage is playing the Lansdowne, showcasing a new set of songs born out of an incendiary indignation at the appalling plebiscite foisted upon Australia by a coalition of groups opposed to equality.

Religious Upbringings, Coming Out & ‘Good Guys Go’: Cub Sport on Jack Off

Off the back of their emotional second album ‘BATS’, Cub Sport joined Jack Shit in the studio to perform a live rendition of ‘Good Guys Go’.