Sandro Dallarmi

Mura Masa interview: Why it’s okay to stay in your bedroom

“I think a lot of people get confused and think that bigger is better, more high fidelity is more impressive, or if you have the best microphone in the world then you’re going to be the best singer in the world – but I think the opposite is true to be honest.”

Fade Up :: JaysWays

Sydney producer JaysWays talks about his music, comics and songwriting before performing a live set on Switch with Sandro Dallarmi.

Fade Up :: Elk

Every week, Fade Up sets you up on a hot date with an emerging Australian producer who Sandro Dallarmi thinks are worth getting to […]

Album Of The Week Review: Animal Collective ‘Centipede Hz’

“Basically what they’ve done is graciously allowed the weary old body of Pop Music to stay in the tiny universe reserved for Centipede Hz, but only on the condition that it grovels at the feet of the album’s patron saint – a figure imbued with the mystique of Frank Zappa’s moustache, a figure both eternally dark and more radiant than the sun, a figure composed of eclectic mixes of sounds, unique and wild.”