Fade Up :: JaysWays

May 19th 2015

JaysWays [cropped]

Fade Up sets you up on a hot date with an emerging Australian producer. You can hear the new Fade Up mixtape before it hits the Flog by tuning into Sandro Dallarmi’s show on FBi, Switch.

Eighteen year-old Sydney producer JaysWays makes experimental electronic music, but he collides his work with pop hooks and comic books until it’s much more than a niche offering for beat geeks.


Meet JaysWays


Sandro :: ‘Snapped Wires // Rest Assured’ is your most recent song, and that got played pretty heavily on FBi. There’s so many elements in that one track; how did all those different sounds come together?

JaysWays :: Well really that track amongst other tracks…I started working on it like a year or two ago, so it’s been a while y’know. Like I would just come up with an idea and then it would just sit on my computer, and then I’d open it up and go “oh, maybe I’ll start writing some guitar to this” or I’ll just start singing or I dunno, just keeping on expanding the song. So I kinda like those tracks to go from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’, where the beginning of the song is when I started making it, and the end of the song is when I finished making it.

And there are a lot of songs aren’t there – I believe there’s an album coming out?

Yeah there is! Hopefully that’s gonna come out in the next couple of months. I’ve been working away at that for about a year-and-a-half, maybe two years, just in my free time, just as life goes on.

What’s it going to sound like. A similar vibe to ‘Snapped Wires’?

Yeah I’d say Snapped…like I wanted to release that one first to give people an idea of what I was going for. I wanted to go back to my roots of when I started writing songs, just pop music, simple stuff. And yeah I just wanted to incorporate that singer/songwriter element, that pop music influence to what I was doing already.

…which is quite experimental I guess.

Yeah it’s definitely on the experimental end of pop. I think that pop is just a flavour that I would add on the end of what it is at the core, which is electronic dance music or…

Do you think of it as dance music?

Well, I like to dance to it, but I don’t think it’s very conventional at all in terms of dance music.

It’s not just music that you do though is it – you’re a bit of an artiste, in fact you’re wearing a JaysWays shirt right now that you designed yourself.

Yeah, it’s brand new so I wanted to wear it. It still smells like plastic and packaging so that’s awesome.

You’re doing some art around the album aren’t you?

Yeah I think I’m just going to do four different covers. It was originally a comic book, so I storyboarded that and everything, but I actually printed a comic for my last release, which was ‘Epilogue’. That’s kinda what the whole [JaysWays] idea is; it started off as something I would see in my dreams, and then I just started drawing it and making music about it, so that’s kinda where it’s from.

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