Sam Clark

Sam Clark is FBi’s answer to Margaret & David. Check out his Big Screen reviews.

Big Screen: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Resident FBi movie critic Sam Clark recommends you avoid the pouting scowls and dour nonsense that is Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Big Screen: London Has Fallen

“Like many of you, when I considered watching this movie I thought to myself, “Did I watch Olympus Has Fallen?” And like none of you, I imagine, it turns out I had.” Our movie guru Sam Clark is back!

Big Screen: In The Heart Of The Sea

Sam Clark and his wife watched ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’ on their anniversary, because it had Thor in it and the poster made it look like he would fight a huge whale with a spear. Marriage is about compromise…

Big Screen: Spectre

You have probably noticed, from seeing James Bond scowl at you with intense disapproval from the side of every bus in Sydney, that there is a new James Bond movie out….

Big Screen: The Martian

Matt Damon’s back again for the second time in a row as a stranded astronaut in The Martian, and Sam Clark can’t get over Ridley Scott’s never-ending stream of big-budget productions.

Big Screen: Everest

FBi’s Sam Clark has a very difficult time generating any sympathy for the horde of screaming bearded guys climbing mountains for no particular reason in the film Everest.

Big Screen: Me And Earl and the Dying Girl

The main character of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl may be a hopelessly self-absorbed dickhead but at least Sam Clark could find some good things to say about the whole film.

Big Screen: The Gift

Joel Edgerton’s cast of frowny faced white guys returns in The Gift, leaving Sam Clark wondering just why Edgerton can’t stop making his characters suffer.

Big Screen: Dope

Dope’s main character is so far removed from any teenager who’s ever walked the earth that Sam Clark can’t help but feel the whole thing is phoney. He also can’t shake the feeling that somehow, it works.

Big Screen :: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation features more of Tom Cruise doing crazy shit and running really fast, and Sam Clark reminds you that that’s what you really go to see those movies for.