Max Danta

Independent Artist of the Week: Hubcaps

Three years in the making, Hubcaps’ debute record is a distinctive flavour of ambient pop, awash with droning synthesiser and layered vocals spinning out deeply confessional poetry. She joined Jenna Parker on Lunch to tell us all about it.

Romanticism, intuition and vulnerability – SPELLLING chats her new album on Up for It!

SPELLLING’s new album has an especially distinctive sound, even by FBi’s standards. She joined Bindi Mutiara on Up for It! to take us through her Album of the Week-awarded new release.

Genesis Owusu is no outsider: interview on Up for It! with Bindi Mutiara

STRUGGLER is the imminent release from Australian national treasure Genesis Owusu. He joined Bindi Mutiara to discuss the his experience as an increasingly popular artist and the album’s existentialist trappings.

Paris Texas chat ‘what the f*ck’ moments on Up For It!

MID AIR is the debut album from Californian hip-hop duo Paris Texas. True to its name, the album abounds with leaping, percussive production held down with the duo’s signature tongue-in-cheek flare. Taking the gong for FBi Radio’s Album of the Week, Louis Pastel and Felix joined Maleeka Gazula on Up For It! to discuss the process behind making MID AIR.

Independent Artist of the Week: LILPIXIE

‘WANT 2’ has earned LILPIXIE the title of FBi Radio’s Independent Artist of the Week. They joined Kate Saap on Up For It! to chat the track, their process, and the view looking down the barrel of an incredible career.

King Stingray chat their new single ‘Lookin’ Out’ on Up for It!

Dima, Lewis and Campbell from King Stingray joined Bindi Mutiara on Up for It! to go deeper into the thinking behind their new track, their inspirations, and what their recent Australian tour meant to them.