King Stingray chat their new single ‘Lookin’ Out’ on Up for It!

July 17th 2023

Press image of the band King Stingray in a parking lot.

  • :: King Stingray on Up for It! with Bindi Mutiara

King Stingray’s latest single ‘Lookin’ Out’ showcases the band’s signature guitar rock sound; straightforward but with a depth that evokes the Australian landscape, something the band say is a key inspiration for their work.

Band members Dima (vocals/guitar), Lewis (drums) and Campbell (bass) joined Bindi Mutiara on Up for It! to go deeper into the thinking behind their inspirations, their new track and what their recent Australian tour – their first – meant to them.

Bindi: “Can you tell us the story behind ‘Lookin’ Out’?”
Dima: “Basically, talk about the environment and the people. Especially the homelands and the resources we have. Also, a lifetime of people living with the family, amongst the family…”

3 members of the band King Stingray stand in the FBi music library smiling and facing the camera. They are joined by Bindi and Max, who are kneeling in front of them and smiling to the camera aswell.

With its driving beat ‘Lookin’ Out’ brings a crucial, human element – fun – which suffuses the spacious sound to make for a well-considered, purposeful sense of joy in the music.  Having released their self-titled debut album just over a year ago, King Stingray’s exuberant sound has a markedly mature soulful intention that will keep us, as they say, stomping the ground for a long time to come.

“[Lookin’ Out is] asking you to slow it down and take your time. You know, where you want to take your journey.”

It’s an exciting time for King Stingray as a maturing band that is cementing their place in the Aussie scene. Listen back to the full interview with Bindi up top, and buy/stream their latest single ‘Lookin’ Out’ below.


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