Madi Martin-Bygrave

Independent Artist of the Week: Annabelle Scobie

Emerging from the blossoming Eora DIY scene is the sincere, modest voice of our Independent Artist of the Week, Annabelle Scobie.


Fbi Radio’s Independent Artist of the Week, Adelaide based band Twine, recently sat down with Ruby and Al on Arvos for a chat. They’re known for their compelling and explosive live show – tight, angular, post-hardcore that occasionally teeters into moments of explosive noise.

Independent Artist of the Week: Sachet

FBi’s independent artist of the week Sachet have made their sweet return from a 4 year hiatus with a punchy EP. Their lead singer and songwriter Lani Crooks sat down with the Up For It team to discuss what’s been in the works. 

A “Second Phase of Life” for Cymande on Solstice

51 years after their first release, Cymande is touring Australia for the first time ever. Hannah Galvin sat down with the group on Solstice to discuss their legacy and ongoing impact as one of Britain’s greatest but perhaps most underground funk bands.

Maintaining the ecosystem – BAYANG (tha Bushranger) on The Playlist

Last year was a big one for Sydney’s BAYANG (tha Bushranger).

15 years of Sunset with Simon Caldwell

Simon Caldwell’s contribution and dedication to Sydney’s music scene via the channel of community radio is pretty remarkable. Madi Martin-Bygrave sat down with him for a chat about his time on air.