Independent Artist of the Week: Annabelle Scobie

May 14th 2024

  • Annabelle Scobie :: interview with Ify & Benny

Emerging from the blossoming Eora DIY scene is the sincere, modest voice of Annabelle Scobie. Her newest release, The Wreckage, is an understated and delicate record that perfectly balances heartfelt vulnerability with determined grit. Annabelle sat down with Ify and Benny on Up For It as our Independent Artist of the Week to chat about the release and recent movements.

The album cover of The Wreckage features a faceless, younger version of Annabelle holding a (what she explains is probably bronze) basketball trophy. Pasted on messily in place of her hair is a makeshift digital wig. Standing in contrast, however, to the vague and humble anonymity of the art is the deeply personal and distinct contents behind it. Save for two songs (which she co-produced), Annabelle wrote and produced The Wreckage entirely on her own.

“There’s heaps of female producers… but the amount that actually end up getting credits… So many women get their credits taken away from them.”

Annabelle performs alongside and works closely with (FBi AOTW alum) Cherry Rype, LILPIXIE, and Redd Dredd as a member of the collective GIRLINEORA. Both LILPIXIE and Cherry Rype feature on The Wreckage, and all individual members of the group are impressively prolific, active, and accomplished musicians in their own right. A welcome disruption of the gatekeeping and male snobbery historically rife in DIY and underground spheres. The collective recently supported Annabelle’s album launch.

“I feel very satisfied. We all had our own sets. It was just us … I’ve never had a gig that perfect.”

Annabelle Scobie is a gem. Technical excellence is never neglected in the pursuit of heart wrenching authenticity, and she speaks about the “scene” and music making with a real unguarded enthusiasm. It’s only fitting that her most recent single is an homage to her hometown DVD store that she frequented as a child, and that when asked about what her ideal show would look like she didn’t falter – immediately gushing about her “kind of feral” high school hall.

“I don’t even need a moment to think about this. I really really really think that one day I will play a show at Moruya High.”

Listen back to the full chat with Ify & Benny above, and stream Annabelle Scobie’s latest record below.