March 26th 2024

FBi Radio’s Independent Artist of the Week, Adelaide based band Twine, recently sat down with Ruby and Al on Arvos for a chat. They’re known for their compelling and explosive live show – tight, angular, post-hardcore that occasionally teeters into moments of explosive noise. It’s a compelling tension captured well on their latest single, ‘My God.’

On a recent instagram post about their tour of New Zealand Twine did a call out – “Do people even know us there?? Probably not! Spread the word, phone a friend”. Although probably a casual throwaway caption, it’s an attitude that says a lot about the tension between maintaining independence as a band whilst still actively trying to broaden your reach – something that Twine highlights is super important to them.

“It’s a lot of work being a band – you definitely want to have a good amount of control with what you’re doing… and how you’re putting it out”
“The diy culture and ethos is important to us, I like playing shows that have that kind of mentality”

Being Adelaide based has also presented various challenges for the band – reach and support being one of them.

“It’s hard at times to get the community to back you up and come to shows, that’s a slog for a lot of people… it comes with its challenges”.

To this, Al asks whether Twine felt like they have found a space in the burgeoning post punk scene – alongside bands like, freezer, doris, and dust. They do in fact find “a good sense of community” along the East coast when touring and interacting with these guys, noting that they can work together both sonically and as people.

“Through touring, we’ve found a little pocket of very close friends, bands we fit together with”

Listen back to the full interview between Twine, Ruby and Al below, and buy/stream My God on bandcamp.



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