Donny Janks


Independent Artist of The Week: Doggie Heaven

Doggie Heaven are a two-piece from Meanjin (Brisbane). They’re bringing the dry grooves of post-punk and new wave into 2022, and they’re our Independent Artist of the Week.

Independent Artist of the Week: Ello. C & Dxvndre

Boom bap is back with the new collaboration between local veteran Ello. C and rising wordsmith Dxvndre entitled IRON SHARPENS IRON. The duo are FBi Radio’s Independent Artists of the Week.

Independent Artist of the Week: Gemma Navarrete

Chatting with Lill Scott on Up For It! on Monday, Gemma Navarrete described her new single ‘Same Shit!’ as a love letter to being yourself. She’s been writing self-affirming letters from a young age, and her penmanship has earned her the title of FBi’s Independent Artist of the Week this week.

Independent Artist of the Week: Putrika

Soulful, detailed, off-kilter – Putrika’s debut singles draw on her influences while stepping past them into a dense sonic world.

Chakra Efendi on ‘I of the Err’ – The Album That Almost Didn’t Happen

‘I of the Err’ is a vulnerable and joyous return. Equal parts sentimental and forward-facing, it’s a welcome return from Chakra Efendi.