Independent Artist of The Week: Doggie Heaven

July 8th 2022

  • Doggie Heaven :: Interview with Lill Scott

Doggie Heaven is a two-piece from Meanjin (Brisbane). They’re bringing the dry grooves of post-punk and new wave into 2022, and they’re our Independent Artist of the Week. Members Isobel and Kyle joined Lill Scott on Up For It! earlier this week to chat about their inspirations, writing process and dance-floor-ready new single ‘After Dark’.

Before the first riff even kicks in, Kyle’s explanation of Doggie Heaven’s name reveals their ‘sarcastic yet sincere’ approach to music.

“I’m a huge Simpsons fan. One day I was watching the episode where the family dog Santas’ Little Helper gets sick and they can’t afford to pay his medical bills. So Homer tries to explain to Bart the concept of the most wonderful place on earth, which he refers to as Doggie Heaven. I just think it’s a great combination of words and it’s a nice thought too”

That light-hearted humour runs through their music, and the pair approach song-writing with a similar liveliness. Splitting production and lyrical duties respectively, Kyle and Isobel have their methods:

“[The way we work has] definitely evolved a lot now that we have a writing process, where I’ll just make a song for the band and present it to Isobel. If she likes it we’ll make it a full song.”
“I have my moments where I write a whole bunch at once or on the spot when Kyle will show me what he’s got in terms of music and sometimes it’ll just come out straight away. And other times I’ve really got to have a good think. But iI find that usually the best stuff comes out when I don’t think about it too much and it’s whatever comes to mind.”

New single ‘After Dark’ is a welcome addition to Doggie Heaven’s live repertoire. It unapologetically grooves with jangling guitars and retro synth sounds underneath Isobel’s yearning vocals. It’s all pushed along with a bounding drum machine and synth bass. Isobel explained the positive reception it is already gaining in a live setting.

“It’s really nice, every show people tend to get up, have a dance and some people already know the words, which is great. Always fun!”

Doggie Heaven performs with a swagger and cheek. You can tell they’re having fun up there, and it’s worth seeing soon. Catch them at Blackbear Lodge on Thursday 14 July in Brisbane (Meanjin). Listen to ‘After Dark’ below and check out Doggie Heaven’s interview with Lill Scott up to!


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