Anna May Kirk

International Women’s Day 2019: Our 12 Top Tips

Our tips on how to best celebrate the past, present and future achievements of female and non-binary individuals this International Women’s Day.

Texting about texting with Roslyn Helper

Roslyn Helper creates art exploring how our relationships unfold through our phones, from those post-first-date-heart-racing texts, to the weeping-alone-in-a-dark-cold-room final exchange of words.

Creative Crush: Keg De Souza

Creative Crush is an interview series profiling a Sydney creative who we’ve been loving. Finding out the behind-the-scenes of their practice, what they’ve been up to and where we can go see their work!

Art We Heart: Ecosexual Bathhouse by Pony Express

A one of a kind experience that asks: “The natural world has provided us with so much pleasure, how can we give it in return?”

Art We Heart: Nicole Monks

In Aboriginal culture, there is no one word for art. Nicole Monks anchors her creative practice in her indigenous roots, telling stories through whatever form works best: be it performance, costume or furniture design.

Art We Heart: Eugene Choi

“The last time I saw Eugene Choi, she was horizontal, seven feet above the ground, lying on a bed of scaffolding on a basketball court.”

Art We Heart: Marian Tubbs

Marian Tubbs is the queen of merging the URL and the IRL. We delve into the world of the Sydney based assemblage-installation, video and internet artist who believes “mess is paramount”.

Art We Heart: Glenn Barkley

Glen Barkley’s ceramics work sits at the juncture between ceramics history, horticulture and curating. He works from a studio nestled in between Sydney and Berry and he thrives among chaotic ceramic gardens.