Texting about texting with Roslyn Helper

February 27th 2019

Over the course of a week, Anna May Kirk conducted a very medium-appropriate interview with artist, curator and writer Roslyn Helper via text.

My phone is my life partner. With it by my side (clutched firmly in my palm) we travel, sleep, exercise, study, secretly watch dog videos, laugh, cry and experience the profound moments of love, grief and banality that life throws our way. Without it I feel a bit lost. Its absence is like a phantom limb, not simply cut off from my body, but cutting me off from the digital world it connects me to.

Exhibiting in UTS Gallery’s current show After Technology Roslyn has created a video artwork exploring how our relationships can unfold through our phones, from those post-first-date-heart-racing texts, to the weeping-alone-in-a-cold-dark-room final exchange of words. As the IRL and online worlds bleed into one another, how does technology impact our body, and our bodies experiences of the world?





You can catch Roslyn Helper’s work in After Technology at UTS Gallery curated by Stella Rose McDonald and Eleanor Zeichner until the 18th of April. Text a friend and head along!



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