Watch :: The Gooch Palms ‘We Get By’

August 28th 2013

The Gooch Palms

Gooch Palms put the gut-punch back into punk.

If you saw this outrageous duo play at FBi Social recently, you know their debut album will be an all-time, good time. Not only have they gifted us with this true-blue garage track, they’ve also taken the scenic route around Newcastle featuring iconic buildings (namely, Penis Tower) and a highly coordinated surfing guitarist!

Mixed and mastered by NOBUNNY guitarist, Jason Testasecca (AKA Elvis Christ) in Oakland, CA, we can’t wait for this world-wide album to staunch us. This delivery is a soft taste of the assault on the remainder of your senses from your mates, Gooch Palms, for the October album tour.

Save your pennies for NOVO’S.  She’s coming out on October 4th.


Gooch Palms | Nathan Kameta


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