Watch: Kings & Queens do Fair Day at Mardi Gras 2015

March 17th 2015

Kat Brad

If you’re not an earlybird on Thursday mornings, you might not be familiar with Kings & Queens: our queer culture segment with Kat Dopper (Heaps Gay) and Brad Martin (@braddypinkpants).

At 8:15am each week on Up For It, they cover events, musicians, artists and issues served up for all those in the GLBTIQ family.

Of course, Sydney Mardi Gras is a massive event on the K&Q calendar – especially this year with Heaps Gay working on a float for the parade. But there’s much more to Mardi Gras than that – so Kat and Brad set out to Fair Day in Victoria Park to kick off the season, meet some of the stallholders and absorb some colour!


Tune in to Up For It every Thursday morning at 8:15 to hear Kings & Queens – and stay tuned for our video of the 2015 Mardi Gras parade!



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