Watch :: Deep Sea Arcade on Arvos

December 11th 2012

Nic and Nick from Deep Sea Arcade paid a visit to the FBi studios for a chat on Arvos with Chris & Michaela a couple of weeks back. After releasing their highly acclaimed (and SMAC Record of the Year nominated) Outlands in March and following it up with a big ol’ tour of Australia and Europe, the boys are certainly back in town: they’ve showered (together?) and they’re feeling fresh and ready to record some more music.

Check out our fly-on-the-studio-wall video for a peek into a parallel universe where Nic and Nick are edgy Aussie Hip Hop stars. MC Fully Woofer and MC Daycare give us an exclusive look at “I’ll Get My Boys Onto Youse Bro“…

Grab the full interview as a podcast here.

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