Watch :: Bunker Raves mini-doco (Sceno’s Subcultural Safari Ep2)

December 9th 2014

bunker still 2

This is bass, tunnels, peace & love. This is bunker rave.

Explore Sydney’s nightmarish bunker rave scene with episode two of Sceno’s Subcultural Safari.

When the Winter nights are long and cold, the beastly goons of rave descend upon the old deserted forts of Sydney Harbour. For a night, people and music can transform a labyrinth of tunnels into a disco inferno. Ivan is going to face the nightmare head on.


Producer – Ivan Lentell / FBi Radio
Director – Ivan Lentell
Host – Ivan Lentell
Camera – Sam Barnes, Fergus Wilson
Editor – Ivan Lentell, Sam Barnes
Intro – Ernesto Mereles
Special Thanks – Mr X, Callum Van De Mortel, Beth Dalgleish

Samantha Whiteside, Voena
Jack Bennett

Wompa – Time
Tuff Sherm – Beast Numeral (Cassius Select remix)
Asger Jorn – Function/Relation
Ohmage – Untitled
Subaske – Expanding

Archive film footage leased from British Pathé Ltd.


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