Preview: Was I there in your future?

December 17th 2010

cloudies bamboulee

Controlling the clouds might seem close to impossible, but if there is a dreamy folk force for the task it is Cloud Control.

Since releasing their first album in May, Blue Mountains foursome have garnered glittering props from across the land and seas. From supporting Vampire Weekend to winning hearts at Splendour in the Grass, the indie darlings’ catchy brand of breezy beauty has sent them places. And now it is sending them far, far away from us to the distant, recording-studio-filled shores of the UK.

True to form, they won’t leave us hanging without a long, sweet goodbye kiss. They have curated an afternoon of art, music, videos and ideas lushly titled Was I There in Your Future? Keeping it in the family, We Say Bamboulee (fronted by Cloud Control Al’s little bro, Doug) will be there to send them off, and Otouto will be waving hankies and weeping gently. Oh Ye Denver Birds will hug you tight and Djanimals will help you shake your sillies out. We hate goodbyes.


Was I There in Your Future?

Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville

Saturday 18 December

Doors open 4pm, tickets $25+bf



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