View :: Bloods ‘This Town’

December 6th 2012

“This Town”, the new single from Sydney’s always-entertaining Bloods, has the spirit of the festive season all mapped out. It’s a sprightly escapade through kaleidoscope detours and spoon-fed delights that flows with an unremitting pulse, fusing 60s girl group vocal etiquette with play-in-the-sunshine equanimity and an all-round garage aesthetic. Vocals soar joyously, background harmonies gloss without burden like happy phantoms, and guitars fashion power- pop tones amidst reverb thrum.

The video for “This Town” is an exuberant sight to behold: replete with band members in puppet-mode, summer holiday polaroid poses, luminous colours, karaoke backdrops, and blink-or-miss scenery deviations bound to the propulsive jostle of the song itself. It also registers as authentically impromptu with the insignia of Sunday afternoon high jinks all over it. A perfect appendage to the infectious flavours of the song.


WHAT: Bloods ‘This Town’ launch party
WHO: Bloods + Unknown Mortal Orchestra

WHEN: Wednesday 2nd January
WHERE: The Standard
HOW MUCH: Tickets $28.70 +BF from


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