VIDEO PREMIERE: Embrace your inner (or outer) anarchist with Crack Cloud’s video for ‘Ouster Stew’

May 14th 2020

Vancouver DIY collective Crack Cloud mark the release of their new album with a music video for ‘Ouster Stew’ that promises both chaos and community.

There’s something strangely comforting in the chaotic visuals of Crack Cloud’s latest music video ‘Ouster Stew’. Maybe it’s the phantasmagorical scenes of anarchy cut with choreographed dance moves that remind you of the Vancouver collective’s core mission: communal freedom.

The self-directed video marks the announcement of Crack Cloud’s debut album ‘Pain Olympics’.  The jittery, punk tunes and frenzied images of burnt out caravans in a deserted wasteland invite you into a kind of bygone era.  You’ll be reminded of classic 70s anarcho-punk, but we suggest you leave those comparisons behind you! Crack Cloud deals with the uniquely modern dilemma of how community fits into a society that values the individual over all else.

Frontman and lyricist Zach Choy is often considered the face of the group, but insists he is “the mouthpiece of something far larger than himself”.  The group, with their fair share of personal traumas, offers a safe place for rehabilitation in a country that is gripped by an out-of-control opiate crisis.  The cryptic, poetic lyrics of Choy reveal his personal experiences while simultaneously promoting their philosophy of equality and community spirit. The tagline on the album’s back cover is another sly nod to the complicated themes they deal with: “based on true shit.”

Get your anti-establishment boots on and sink your teeth into the video for Crack Cloud’s ‘Ouster Stew’ below.

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