VIDEO: Dance Class 2019 Mentors’ #Insights

June 7th 2019

Tia AJ and Andy Mentors

Get a taste of the 2019 Dance Class syllabus with some key #insights from four of our heavyweight mentors.

Dance Class is FBi Radio’s training and mentorship program for women, trans and non-binary dance music aspirants. Graduates underwent intensive workshops, learning the finer points of making, performing and promoting dance music, each putting their learning into practice with club nights across Thursdays in May at Tokyo Sing Song.

Here, Dance Class mentors Amelia Jenner, Atro, Merph and Denzel Sterling give you a sneak peek into the training process with tips on promoting, producing, gigging & digging.

FBi Radio Dance Class is powered by Tokyo Sing Song.


Music: ‘Welcome to Infinity’ by Andy Garvey
Workshop footage: Gabrielle Dadgostar


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